CREM Capital

A Specialized Real Estate Manager

CREM Capital, CION’s real estate management arm, combines a unique investment approach with the robust infrastructure needed to identify, source, and invest across specialized, real estate opportunities. In addition to our track record, CREM Capital’s management team has an unparalleled advantage in the industry given our experience and deep relationships across specific sectors.

The CREM Capital Advantage

Proven Track Record

Unique Access to Deal Flow

Institutional Quality Projects

Vertical Integration

Our Process


We identify specialized markets that are stable and growing or have an undersupply of quality housing inventory to satisfy market demand. We work to offer our investors greater yields by targeting properties in less competitive market spaces.


We perform rigorous due diligence on each property, utilizing internal processes and third party objective services, to understand where income and growth potential can be realized.


We implement a robust strategy to advance each and every property with the goal of meeting the needs of the modern-day owner.

Why Student Housing?

Since 2006, cap rates for student housing assets have been significantly less volatile compared to cap rates for conventional multifamily assets – exhibiting a 100 basis point lower peak-to-trough expansion. Student housing revenue growth has also seen less volatility than conventional multifamily assets, which historically outperform other real estate assets in all market cycles.

The CREM Capital Student Housing Advantage


Focus on schools where new competitive supply is limited, enrollment is stable and growing, and there is an undersupply of quality housing. Avoid markets where institutional investors have driven up prices, unless pricing meets our rigourous underwriting qualifications.

Operating Characteristics

Source properties that are priced below cost of replacement, where improvements can drive rents up, and where there is existing cash flow to mitigate leverage risk.


Invest in Class B (upgradeable through renovations to common areas) or Class C (may need infrastructure improvements) that are convenient to campus (on pedestrian, shuttle or bus routes)

Alpha Creation

Boost performance by fixing broken capital structures and streamlining management; invest in capital improvements to increase occupancy and drive rent growth; market capacity to raise top-level income, reduce expenses and reposition for capital appreciation.


Our people are at the core of who we are and what we do. We’re made up of experts from a
variety of backgrounds, including credit, technology, finance, marketing, and business development.


Executive Team


Mark Gatto

Co-Founder, Co-CEO of CION Investments/Investment Committee Member

Michael A. Reisner

Co-Founder, Co-CEO of CION Investments/Investment Committee Member

Adam Ross

Co-Founder, Managing Director/Investment Committee Member

Jonas Seider

Co-Founder, Managing Director/Investment Committee Member

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